Tuesday, May 10, 2016

About my mom...

"Carole and I met in 1957. It was our first year at West Jr High, a brand new school recently built and very intimidating to a twelve year old like me. I had spent my childhood with a sister just eleven months older and I relied on her to tell me what to do. Now as I approached my teens it was time to grow up and I desperately needed a friend to do that. 
When I met Carole she was confident and completely comfortable in who she was. We became instant best friends and spent most of our time together over the next three years. A favorite pastime of ours was walking downtown to shop or take in a movie. Then it was off to Sylvia Sweets for Fries and a cherry coke. 
We talked about everything. I poured out my heart and soul to her and she listened. She never judged or told me what to do. She let me come to my own conclusions. I was still filled with panic as to where I was going and who I would become. 
Carole was calm and ready for her future whatever that might be. I always envied her way of living in the now and not worrying about what may come next. She bolstered my confidence assuring me I would do fine. In 1961 as we entered High School I was a totally different person due to Carole's influence. The frightened girl was gone and in it's place a woman ready for her future.
We lost touch after that but reconnected again year later through Classmate.com and then Facebook.I didn't get to spend as much time as I hoped with her but I will always remember her and what she did for me...."   - Donna P.

Me too, Donna.