Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's Doctor Day! It's Doctor Day!

"Thank God, Almighty," it's Doctor Day! By the time you reach the end of your 2nd week post-op,  you will rejoice, too. The big deal about today is twofold: I should hear the words, "You can drive again." and get permission to eat mushy foods.

Mushy, baby food-thick, foods may not seem appetizing to you...but to me this is almost the best news ever. I've been drinking meals for 4 weeks and beef & chicken broth, SF popsicles and gelatin will only get you so far in between protein shakes. It takes me a long time to drink a protein shake, but drinking clear liquids and eating popsicles isn't that hard at all.

I hope everything looks good in terms of healing. I'm excited to have my sutures looked at. The largest one has a bump under it that I'm a little concerned for...but I try to keep in mind that muscle has been cut through and had to be repaired as well. It could just be a bump from all that fibrous muscle tissue clumping together. That's the hope! Fingers crossed?

Otherwise everything feels good to me. There are some sore spots...but nothing feels painful. I haven't had to take my pain medicine since a few nights after coming home. Recovery has been incredibly easy. I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but I hope so.

I've planned a trip to a nearby Indian food restaurant (IF the nurse gives me the go-ahead to eat mushy food) where I can have mushy cheese and spinach (palak paneer) or maybe curry lentils. Something soft and not clear liquid. Are you feeling me?

Prayers for a good outcome. Peace!

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